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  • "Thanks for another fabulous job well done! You helped make our [Nickelodeon Kids' Choice] awards show run smoothly, and the food was awesome! See you next year!"

  • The breakfast was wonderful.  I was not expecting that type of set-up for the price.  We were all extremely impressed.  Thank you so much for taking good care of us.  We will definitely be calling you again in the future.

  • Your catering was fantastic – the best we had all week – thank you VERY much!

  • First, I want to say, your staff did a great job yesterday. No issues/problems at all. The food was delicious. I really don’t think it could’ve gone better.

  • Hi Chelsea,

    I just wanted to let you know that everyone was raving about breakfast this morning. They absolutely loved it and wanted me to pass along their compliments. Our clients were very impressed and that means a lot. We look forward to working with you in the future!



  • Ethan -

    We were EXTREMELY happy with the way everything went. We continue to get sincere compliments on how good the food was and how helpful and energetic the front of the house staff was. In particular, Derrick made a fantastic impression on everyone and did a wonderful job keeping things moving along swiftly and smoothly.

     Thank you so much for helping with our special day. We will definitely be keeping GOE in mind in the future if we throw any events, large or small. 

    - JJT 

  • "You can't go wrong with Garden of Eating's outstanding cuisine...finger foods, Greek, special orders...down to the best gingerbread cake like grandma used to make!"


Garden Fresh Meals




Garden Fresh Meals is the home meal delivery division of Garden of Eating.  We have been the company producing meals for over 10 years for one of the leading home meal delivery services in Los Angeles County. Our signature program features menus inspired by the Nobel Prize winning science: 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% favorable fats. Combining our dietary personalization with 40/30/30 nutrition, Garden Fresh promotes increased energy levels, weight loss, lean body mass, and optimal blood sugar levels, while tantalizing the taste buds.  Who said being healthy had to be boring, come join our thousands of satisfied clients and find the true secret to a healthier life!

LA Times Subscribers:
$200 Off Your 1st Order!
Call Us Today! 323-546-8922

Offering meals Monday – Friday (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Two Snacks)

Freshly prepared meals $59.99 per day, delivery included

*Delivery Days

Sunday (Mon. Feast)

Monday (Tues. Feast)

Tuesday (Weds. Feast)

Wednesday (Thurs. Feast)

Thursday (Fri. Feast)


Your daily cooler will have all of your meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and  two delicious snacks. You will not need to supplement with any additional snacks or produce during the day.


A menu with the description of the meals, simple heating instructions and directions. Any substitutions will be noted on labels placed on the side of your individual meal containers.


Ice packs are included to keep the cooler at a regulated temperature until you are able to refrigerate the contents or pick it up on your way out the door.


At the end of the day, just leave your empty bag, including ice packs, outside of your door to be picked up when your new fresh delivery arrives.


You are welcome to pause and restart your meal delivery program at any time with 3 business days’ notice prior to your delivery day. If you need to re-route a delivery, simply let us know and we will take care of it for you.

Get started give us a call!! 323-546-8922