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Tips for Planning Your Holiday Season Wedding


Even with the mild climates of Southern California, a winter themed wedding offers a special something that can’t be matched any other time of the year. There are several advantages to having a wedding during the holiday season:

  • Family and friends are coming together already. Of course it’s important for all of your family to be able to attend, and the holiday season is the time when many people are traveling to spend time together and celebrate anyway. Additionally, people tend to take more time off work during the holiday season because of the vacation days built-up over the year.
  • It’s a magical time of the year. There’s no feeling like the one that’s in the air during the Christmas season. If you’re one of the many people who are in love with the Christmas season, it might be a good idea for you to choose this season to celebrate your love and commitment.
  • Something different from the usual spring and summer wedding scene. If you’re desperate to escape the conventional pastel-colored spring wedding, a Christmastime wedding just might be for you. Plus you don’t have to worry about scheduling your wedding for a different spring weekend than all your friends.

If you’ve decided that a Christmastime wedding is right for you, here are a few tips to help make your special day even more special.

1. Send save the dates well in advance.

Since most people have a lot going on during the Christmas season, send your save the dates as early as possible to give family and friends time to plan and make arrangements.

2. Don’t feel boxed in by holiday cliches. Instead, take advantage of them!

You certainly don’t have to use a red and green color pallet for a Christmas wedding, and you don’t need to have fake snow or a cake made to look like boxed gifts. But at the same time, having a Christmas wedding means that you can implement creative Christmas festivities. Take advantage of that fact, but try to put a new, personal spin on traditional Christmas wedding ideas.

For example, while you don’t have to use red and green in your color palette, try combining one of those colors with a complimentary one. Some Christmas color palette options might include:

  • Dark green and silver
  • Red and gold
  • Silver and blue
  • Sparkling purple and gold

3. Consider having a New Years themed wedding.

If you’re not able to get the family together near Christmas, try having a New Years themed wedding instead. The season is actually perfect for weddings: it symbolizes new beginnings, celebration, and the great relationships you have in your life.

Plus, while most people do not have to work on New Years Day, they aren’t as likely to have pressing family obligations like they might closer to Christmas. Your wedding is a celebration of love, so get your loved ones together and celebrate, New Years style!

4. Let your food and beverage choices reflect the season.

Again, don’t feel obligated to offer a traditional Christmas spread if it’s not your thing, but if it works for you, take advantage of the perks of having a holiday wedding. The food is one of the most fun aspects of a holiday wedding. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Roast turkey or ham
  • Traditional English Christmas foods such as Christmas pudding
  • Hot alcoholic drinks like egg nog, irish coffee, or mulled wine

A Christmas wedding is a beautiful and special occasion. While there are aspects that have become common in Christmas weddings, remember that there are no rules. You can do whatever you like with your Christmas wedding. Be creative and focus on making it a celebration of love, and you can’t go wrong!

Image via Flickr user sleepyjeanie