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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers


Flowers are one of the most beautiful and fun touches in your wedding, but chances are that you’ve spent very little time looking at floral bouquets in the past. But on your wedding day, you want nothing but the best for your bouquet and the flowers that decorate your ceremony or reception.

In order to find just the right floral arrangement for you, you need to make a few considerations. Step out of the ordinary and use these tips to help you find the perfect flowers for your wedding.

Consider the Season

It’s your day and you can choose whatever kinds of flowers you want regardless of the season. But if you’re unsure or you’re interested in seeing a few more options, consider flowers that are appropriate for the season. For example, winter is a great time for Daffodils or Gerbera Daisies, while Gardenias and Poppies would be perfect for a summer wedding.

Visit Some Florists

You may think you’re sure what kind of flowers you want at your wedding. It’s even possible that you’ve had them in mind for awhile now. But how many types of flowers can you actually name off the top of your head? If you’re like most people, it’s not many.

Instead of picking what you always thought you’d want at your wedding, take an afternoon and visit 3 or 4 florists in your area. See what they have to offer and ask the florists what flowers they recommend. Tell the florist a little about your wedding: whether it’s indoors or outdoors, what your dress looks like, and in what season the wedding will take place, and they will no doubt have some great ideas for you.

Consider an Alternative to Flowers

As much as we love flowers, they are no longer an indispensable part of a wedding. Many people are finding that flowers make up too large a portion of their wedding budget. Flowers are indeed expensive, and if you get just a little creative, you might be able to use that part of your wedding budget for something else more important to you.

In recent years, brides have come up with all kinds of alternatives to flowers, including everything from antique broaches to crafts. You may want to consider some of these choices before forking out what it takes to deck out your wedding with blossoms.

Take the Sentimental Approach

Another option is to choose a flower that is meaningful to you or has sentimental value. In the end, all flowers are going to be a beautiful addition to your ceremony or reception, so why not choose one that represents a fond memory? If you’d like, you can even share the story with your guests in the form of a note on the reception table or in a story during your reception toast.

Your wedding is a reflection of the love and personalities of you and your partner. Let your individuality and creativity shine through when you select the flowers for your wedding!

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