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6 Fun Ways to Serve Ice Cream

Even though the summer is starting to come to a close, there’s never a bad time to eat ice cream! Whether you’re having guests over for a backyard soirée or you’re just spending the evening in with the kids, these fun ways to enjoy ice cream are sure to please.

1. Homemade Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home isn’t as hard as it sounds, and kids love it. Just find an ice cream maker at your local houseware store or borrow one from a friend. Then check the particular manufacturer’ instructions. Regardless of the model you have, you will need to do lots of cranking, probably with various people in shifts. When it’s finally done, the ice cream tastes extra delicious because everyone had a part in making it.

2. Ice Cream Bar

Have some fun and some options with an ice cream bar. Choose a few different kinds of ice cream (or just grab a tub of Neapolitan) and as many different toppings as you like. Some good ones to include:

Fruits: strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, bananas… there are too many good choices!

  • Syrups: Chocolate, caramel, or strawberry
  • Candies: gummy bears, gummy worms, m&m’s, and crunched-up candy bars
  • Graham crackers, brownies, chocolate chip cookies
  • Sprinkles

Your kids will love it, of course, but you might be surprised how much grownups like it, too.

3. Stout Beer and Ice Cream

Stout beer and ice cream is the perfect combination for late summer and early fall. Oatmeal stout, chocolate stout, and coffee stout are all great choices. The rich, toasty flavor of the beer perfectly complements the ice cream for a creamy adult treat. Here’s a recipe for an Imperial Stout Float that’s sure to please the craft beer fans in your life!

4. Super Simple Ice Cream Cake

If you’re in need of a dessert in a hurry, try making an ice cream cake out of store-bought ice cream sandwiches. Just stack a few ice cream sandwiches in one row on a plate, then choose what you’ll use for the creamy middle that holds the cake together. Some options include peanut butter, chocolate fudge, frosting, strawberry jam, caramel, or whipped cream. Place the second row of ice cream sandwiches on top of it, then top the whole thing with whipped cream and serve.

5. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

The best ice cream sandwiches are the kind that you build yourself. This is another great kid-friendly activity that lets you customize your ice cream to anything you’d like. It’s best to put the ice cream of your choice in a large mixing bowl and add a little bit of milk to thin the ice cream and make it more spreadable. Then, take homemade chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, or even graham crackers and use a spatula to spread the ice cream between the “bread.” Guaranteed to bring smiles all around!

6. Bananas Foster

Image from My Kitchen Addiction.

This delicious mixture of hot and cold is the perfect alternative to the more conventional cake, cobbler, or pie with ice cream. In a large skillet, mix butter, cinnamon, spiced rum, and sugar. When it begins to bubble, add bananas and cook just long enough for the bananas to become coated and hot, usually just a couple of minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream and wait for your guests to be wowed.

What’s your favorite way to eat ice cream with your family or a group? Let us know in the comments!