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At Garden of Eating, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with fresh, flavorful meals, beautifully and professionally presented for every event we cater. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ specific requests and designing a menu that reflects their needs.

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Monthly Archives: July 2012

We’re live!

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Oh look, our blog is now live! 

Hi folks! This is Chelsea, over at Garden of Eating Catering. I’ll bring you easy recipes, techniques from our executive chef, menu ideas, and our insights on food. We’re all foodies here at G.O.E., so we’ll have plenty to say! We’ve just wrapped up with the B.E.T. awards, and our chefs are looking forward to the holiday on Wednesday. 

I’m looking forward to the holiday too. July 4th is a big one for me, personally, as it’s the birthday of some of my family members. Every year, we’d buy big boxes of fireworks, sending plumes of smoke into the sky, advertising our presence to every child (and fire department) around town. 

Our Account Executive Christine shared stories with us of her childhood in New York. Her mom would make homemade pizza dough (dyed blue!), with red sauce and white cheese, in honor of her Italian ancestors who immigrated to America. With their patriotic pizza, Christine and her family would watch the fireworks from the roof of their apartment complex, sometimes diving to dodge the stray rocket! They watched neighborhood parades of people dressed in colonial apparel, carrying instruments and replicas of period guns. 

My mom is a tremendously skilled home cook, and my dad is a self-proclaimed master of the grill. Between their combined skills, we had some darn good July 4th celebrations. I have many memories of us watching the fireworks over a pile of discarded rib bones and mountains of potato salad. I inherited my mom’s potato salad making skills, and I’ll share a few tips with you.

  • Don’t over-boil your potatoes. They should be tender but not water-logged. Poking the potatoes too often to check for doneness can make them soggy. 
  • Let them cool completely before adding the dressing. Otherwise, the potatoes will soak everything up, get soggy, and you’ll have to add much more dressing to compensate. I do a standard mayo-pickle relish salad, personally.
  • Mom says: It’s easier to add than take away. Start with less dressing than you think you’ll need and adjust from there. 

Here’s the recipe my parents used for the Orange-Chipotle glazed ribs. However, we always baked them first at a lower temperature, then dad finished them off on the grill. Be extra careful when making the glaze, it can be burning hot! After it’s made, it’s good on everything, chicken, potatoes, asparagus, brussles sprouts, and burgers too! I wonder if it goes good on potato salad…

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th! Don’t drink and drive, and don’t drink and light fireworks! Check your city’s website to see if fireworks are legal in your area. If not, professional shows are more impressive, safer, and cheaper than buying your own!