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At Garden of Eating, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with fresh, flavorful meals, beautifully and professionally presented for every event we cater. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ specific requests and designing a menu that reflects their needs.

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5 Surprising Occasions to Have Catered

When you think of catering, you probably think of weddings and big corporate events. But more and more people are starting to realize the value of catering for other kinds of events as well. When life gets hectic, hiring a caterer can help take the pressure off of the host so that he or she can focus attention on other details. Here are just a few events that may not initially come to mind when you think of catering, but can be enhanced by hiring someone else to take care of food and drinks for you.

1. A wine tasting

If you are hosting a wine tasting, chances are your focus is going to be on – well, the wine! But it’s likely that you will need to provide at least a modest food offering for your guests to nibble on between sips. While you may already have the wine taken care of, a caterer can help you by providing anything from the simplest items, like cheese that pairs well with your wine selections, to something more elaborate, such as meat, cheese, and olive platters.

2. Baby and Wedding Showers

Traditionally, food at baby and wedding showers has either been prepared by the hosts, or is served potluck style. But in today’s busy world, it’s hard to find the time to put together food to serve your guests, or even to make one or two dishes to bring. A caterer can take care of everything for you, so that you can spend your time preparing other aspects of the shower.

3. Dinner Parties

Have you been meaning to host a dinner party in your home, but you feel as if you don’t have the time to prepare? You are not alone. Time constraints and the pressure for every detail to be perfect prevents many people from hosting the dinner party that they have been wanting to have. The truth is that dinner parties are not about home cooking, plating, and courses planned and executed to perfection. Dinner parties are about having a wonderful meal with people you enjoy spending time with. Hiring a caterer can help you turn your home dinner party into a reality, all with less stress and more enjoyment for you.

4. Super Bowl and other sports parties

At your next Super Bowl or basketball championship party, why not skip the pizza and wings? Make your sports-watching get together stand out from the rest with an unconventional and delicious menu for party-goers. Not everyone enjoys eating typical sports-day food. Provide more nutritious foods for your guests by hiring a caterer.

5. Corporate cocktail hour

Cocktail hours can be deceptive: since it is not a big meal, it’s easy to forget just how much preparation is involved. Additionally, cocktail time has unique challenges for the host that many people aren’t aware of. For example, all that finger food needs to keep coming throughout the event, possibly for a couple of hours or more, and it needs to be warm when it is presented to guests. Don’t try to work out the logistics yourself: let a caterer take care of it for you!

The next time you’re having one of these events, don’t let food and drink preparations bog you down and prevent you from handling other aspects of the event. Call Garden of Eating Catering and let us take care of everything!